Low & Anti-Histamine Foods Apples Pomegranate Mango Watermelon Honeydew melon Broccoli Cauliflower Watercress Romaine Dried beans Dried lentils Dried black eyed peas Carrots Onions Garlic Celery Sweet potatoes Brown & black rice Plain oatmeal Chia seeds Quinoa Ginger Bread made with unbleached flour Most herbs, such as nettle, basil, tarragon, chamomile, peppermint and thyme Mushrooms (conflicting depending on what list you look at- I have had no negative reactions to them) Fresh vegetables – with the exception of tomatoes Grains – rice noodles, yeast free rye bread, rice crisp bread, oats, puffed rice crackers, millet flour, pasta (spelt and corn based) Fresh pasteurised milk and milk products Milk substitutes – coconut milk, rice milk Cream cheese, butter (without the histamine generating rancidity) Most cooking oils – check suitability before use Most leafy herbs – check suitability before use Most non-citric fruit juices Herbal teas – with the exception of those listed below.

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