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Whether in your home, in our clinic or in your workplace, we can deliver treatments and therapies wherever you are. We offer both mobile Massage and Shiatsu and clinic based Nutrition, Hypnotherapy, NLP and Bioenergetic screenings. We specialize in many therapies -  Nutrition, Hypnotherapy, Shiatsu, Exercise profiling, NLP, Deep Tissue Massage, Post Pregnancy or Pregnancy Massage, Better Your Life Coaching, Bioenergetic screenings or Lymphatic drainage, Herbalism, Colonics and Myofacsial release.

2019 EXERCISE PROFILING - Find out what would be the best exercise regime for you to follow over the next couple of months.


As we are a one stop shop we also offer a ECO cleaning service; whether for the home or office, our cleaners give a gleaming thorough clean using natural products to protect your home, health and the environment.


WORKSHOPS -  We offer two workshops : POSITIVE THINKING WORKSHOP and a POSTNATAL WELLBEING WORKSHOP.  If you are interested in either please email info@hampsteadhealthpractice.com

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Life is 10% what happens to you & 90% how you react to it.






Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me. 




Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live.
Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.





Feel lighter, healthier and stronger mentally and physically



Your will be screened to find out if any of the following exercise or foods show up in your results.

The results will be a point of reference for you to use to help you reach your physical health goals.

Meaning of Categories

EXERCISE DURATION- The period of time during which something continues. For example 10 minutes , 20 minutes, 50 minutes.

EXERCISE FREQUENCY- The number of times you exercise within a particular period. For example once a week, 4 times a week, 7 times a week.

STRETCHING CHOICE- Extend one’s body or limbs. For example Yoga, Thai Chi.

EXERCISE INTENSITY- Exercise intensity refers to how much energy is expended when exercising. Intensity varies with each person. For example Medium (35--50%), High ( 10-30%).

MAIN EXERCISE PROFILE- Aerobic Exercises Aerobics Class Biking Cross Training Jogging Mini-Trampoline Rowing Skating/Rollerblading Stair climbing Swimming Walking Anaerobic Exercises Interval Training Isometrics Pilates Sprints Weight Lifting.

AEROBIC EXERCISE- Aerobic exercise uses oxygen to create energy. Aerobic training can be considered as any physical activity that has the ability to elevate your heart rate. For example jogging or exercising on a rowing machine.

ANAEROBIC EXERCISE- any short-Duration exercise that is powered primarily by metabolic pathways that do not use oxygen. Such pathways produce lactic acid, resulting in metabolic acidosis. For example push ups, sit ups, weight lifting.

BREAD – Can be adding to lethargy and/or excess weight gain. Avoid for a period of time.

DAIRY - Can be adding to lethargy and/or excess weight gain. Avoid for a period of time.

FRUIT JUICE- Can be adding to lethargy and/or excess weight gain. Avoid for a period of time.

Sending Your Sample To Us- Send an email requesting a 2019 Exercise Profile - Choice F and we shall send you instructions.



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