Dietary fibre is the part of a plant that provides and maintains the plant´s structure. Names of Dietary Fibres Lignin's Cellulose Pectins Hemicellulose Polysaccharides Gums Mucilages These fibres cannot be digested by the human body. For some people too much fibre can make symptoms worse and for some people eating fibre can help correct disorders of the large intestine - colon, and keep it functioning normally. To increase the amount of fibre in your diet, you can include some of the following: Fresh fruits Broccoli, dried peas and beans for example - Lentils, kidney, lima beans, chick peas, soy beans and corn Whole-grain foods - bran cereals, whole-grain pastas, brown rice and breads that are made with whole wheat grains Dried or stewed fruits for example prunes, raisins or apricots Root vegetables for example beetroot, carrots and turnips Raw or fresh vegetables Examples of low and no fibre foods are; White bread Fish Sugar Eggs Cheese White rice Couscous Sago cornflakes rice crispies crackers

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