Immune Support for Children

When will children benefit from immune support?

•     In general, supports the immune system

•     In general, supports your child’s respiratory system 

•     When your child has a cold

•     Helps maintain a healthy heart 

One principal factor about Beta glucan’s is that they can trigger events in the body that help regulate the immune system, making it more efficient.

Beta-glucans are naturally occurring polysaccharides that the body does not produce naturally, your child will require outside sources for their Beta Glucan’s through supplements or certain foods. This soluble fibre comes from the cell walls of yeast and other fungi like mushrooms, also from algae and bran. Fibre can have an important role on the health of the digestive tract, which in turn supports immune responses and nutrient absorption.

Food sources of Beta Glucan’s

Bran especially oats and barley

Maitake mushrooms

Reishi mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms

Shiitake Mushrooms




Hampstead Health Practice Support

Getting your child to eat the above foods sometimes can be tricky. You can try adding these foods into other foods to cover the taste and look. If this does not work opt for our Children’s immune support to ensure that when your child’s immune system and/or respiratory system is low you have a supplement to support your child’s immune when in need.

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