Kirsty Weir BSc


Kirsty Weir can give you 1 to 1 yoga sessions in the Therapy room or in your home. 

Also you can book 2-6 group bookings in your home on a regular or adhoc basis. 



Yoga posture practise helps the practitioner to relax deeply in stillness and movement. Yoga is guided by what is being felt in the body (somatic intelligence). When moving from one asana to another the Practitioner continuously feels the sensations being generated by the body in a search for a balance between effort and effortlessness.



Yoga when practised as self enquiry mobilises the intelligence of the mind into the body, calming and stabilising it. At the same time it releases somatic intelligence from is learned constraints so that it mobilises spontaneously towards wholeness (Yoga). 



Yoga posture practise can be combined in a session with Lomi Lomi. This can be beneficial as one will learn how to continue the feeling of ease and Wholeness long after the massage through simple yogic exercises. 



Yoga  60 minutes 


Yoga   90 minutes 


Yoga  120 minutes 


Add on £5 for a home visit.

If 2 or more persons on a home visit, the £5 home visit fee is waivered.

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Phone lines are open till 2.30 pm 

We are open for Therapy  9.00 am - 9.00 pm

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Your therapy is available in your home or in our Therapy space.

Home therapy offered ; Nutrition, NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Massage, Personal Training, Movement Therapy and Yoga.