Vitamin B12




Vitamin B12

What may the symptoms be of low Vitamin B12 in the body? 

B12 supports the body in the following;

•   Anaemia and pernicious anaemia

•   Weakened immune system

•   Imbalanced nervous system 

•   Unstable balance

•   Numbness or tingling in the arms and legs

•   Fatigue

•   Weakness

•   Soreness of the mouth and tongue

•   Constipation

•   Low stomach acid 

Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin. Water-soluble vitamins dissolve in water. After the body uses these vitamins, leftover amounts leave the body through the urine. Although the body can store vitamin B12 for years in the liver some people can be prone to deficiency.

Food Sources

Vitamin B12 is found naturally some foods - mainly animal products.

You can get the recommended amounts of vitamin B12 by eating a variety of the foods including:

•   Organ meats for example beef liver

•   Some breakfast cereals and nutritional yeasts 

•   Shellfish for example clams

•   Meat, poultry, eggs, milk and other dairy foods         

•   Examples of B12 foods.

•    A 3 oz - 70 percent lean ground beef contains 2.56 mcg, 
3 eggs contains 1.2 mcg, 
Soy milk 8 oz contains 3.0 mcg, 
Soya Cheese 100g contains 2.5 mcg, 
Marmite 100g contains 1 mcg, 
Lambs liver B12 content 100g contains 83 mcg

Hampstead Health Practice support

•   If you are vegan, vegetarian, eat meat rarely, anaemic,taking certain medications, are not keen on Nutritional yeasts like marmite or over 50 you may benefit from taking a B12 supplement.

•   Taking 2mg or less a day of vitamin B12 in supplements is acceptable is supplement form. 2 mg = 2000mcg

•   Hampstead Health Practice oral B12 spray is 1200mcg when you spray orally 4 times once a day.

•   You can tailor make the amount of sprays you do per day from 1 to 4 depending on what you have eaten throughout the day.

•   The Oral B12 is easy to take - Just spray in your mouth and taste of fruit so gives you a fresh breath taste and the B12 nutrient will give you the optimum health require




Angie Michael - Nutritional Therapist

Angie Michael P.D.N.N, Bant, C.N.C.H. Clin Hyp, Natural Health Coach, NLP.

Angie Michael has been a Practitioner in Natural Nutrition for over 16 years and finds supporting the client with the Asyra Pro system a useful tool in helping the client reach their mental and physical balance. The Asyra is the most advanced, flexible and user-friendly bio-energetic screening and therapy device available today. Angie Michael is an intuitive listener, and is quick to establish the support required to help you on your journey to better health.
Using the Asyra gives support in indicating the energetic state of internal organs, food sensitivities, environmental sensitivities, nutritional needs, hormonal balance, toxin responses and much more.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Angie Michael is fully trained in the discipline of Hypnotherapy. Angie trained at The Phil Parker Training institute and was awarded the diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Angie includes the use of the Asyra for screening your emotions to support in your emotional freedom.
Angies says the Asyra screening works well with hypnotherapy as the results of the screening may be used in the Hypnotherapy session and in reflection.

Life Coaching

Angie Michael is fully trained in the discipline of Neurolinguistic Programming and coaching. Angie Michael trained at the Phil Parker Training institute and was awarded the diploma in NLP and Coaching.
When you come for a NLP life coach session the Asyra is used to screen your emotions which will be put in your written program given to you as part of the positive changes in helping in th removal of procrastination, sadness, living in the past and relationship breakdowns. The tools given to you in this session can be life changing.


Angie says, " As a Nutritional based Practitioner, i find that using the Bio resonance Asyra useful in obtaining information directly from the clients body to reveal the energetic origins of health challenges and to determine the appropriate Nutritional care. Coming to see me with the supported use of the Asyra helps give power to you the client thus in turn helping your mind and body feel more comfortable. 
You will then be given a natural health care program to help you on your journey to better health.

The Asyra

To screen - hold on to two non evasive cylinders and relax for a couple of minutes while the Asyra scans your body for weaknesses. The Asyra will also find the perfect remedy to suit you.You will be given the remedy to take home.
Here is are some of the ailments the Asyra has helped support : Bloating, aches and pains, stress, anxiety, weight issues, dry skin, cold hand and feet, hormone imbalances, food intolorances and nutrient deficiencies.
If you have any symptoms it is important that you speak to your GP first.

Better Your Life Coaching

Angie Michael has created an amazing formula which involves Asyra, Nutrition, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic Programming. The session takes two hours and can be life changing.